Easy way for irrigation , New Design Traveller Irrigator

Irriforce is an irrigation machine designed for Energy Efficiency. Its cost in terms of both use and investment is lower than those of its rivals. We may call Irriforces as traveling rain gun. Thanks to water turbine and steel rope in it, it irrigates your field by dragging itself.

Irriforces can be used in anywhere irrigation is required; you may conveniently use it for irrigation of any agricultural products, any sport sports grounds, lawn irrigation, meadow irrigation and range improvement. Most important factor making such small dimensions of Irriforces is that it is equipped with soft hose. Instead of hard hose of the drum irrigation machines, soft hose is used here. As at is, it only pulls its special hose equivalent to ¼ of its own weight, instead of dragging tons of pipes in weight. And thus energy efficiency maximizes. Higher weight pulled would also affect service life of your machine. And storage and handling costs are also small.

There is 5-hp energy difference between delivery of water at 30m3/hour at 7 bar (pumping) and at 8 bar (pumping). Here 5 hp means spending more diesel up to 1.5 litre. Assuming that you perform irrigation 10 hour a day, this means 15 litres of diesel spent more daily in average. Would you not prefer keeping TRY15 in your pocket?

There are different types that can irrigate up to 100 m – 130 m – 200 m -300 m and 400m in length; and we have also diesel and petrol fuelled versions that can work with waste water. You may contact with us for your irrigation requirements of 500 m and 600 m at one time.

Now forget about hard hose drum irrigators in gigantic dimensions. Contact with us quickly to meet with our new generation irrigators; and you also contribute to energy efficiency for the world and to budget as well. 

Water of minimum 12m3/hour should be delivered through hydrant at 4 bar. It operates with water of maximum 30m3/hour. It has JET40 irrigation gun on it. Maximum travelling distance is 200 meters. When the irrigation gun revolves one full turn, its effective irrigation distance is maximum 350 meters. Maximum irrigation depth is 60 meters. It is mostly preferred by those who want to irrigate agricultural farms, meadows and pasture alfalfa. It may also be used for irrigation of any type of agricultural fields. It may also be used as washing gun to remove dust and dirt off the plants in the fields of alfalfa, vegetables, corn, sugar beet, sunflower and olive trees where drip irrigation is used and as support irrigation when irrigation by dipping proves to be insufficient. Minimum recommended pumping power is 10 HP.  Pull-type hose drum manually winding also comes with the machine. Hose drum wound by tractor shaft may be obtained optionally.

Maximum Travel Lenght
300 Meter – 980 Feet

Water Consumption Interval
8,5m3/h – 30m3/h
38GPM – 135GPM 



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